5 Times Saif Ali Khan Proved He Is The Best Husband Of All Time


Saif Ali Khan, often regarded as one of Bollywood’s most dashing actors, isn’t just celebrated for his charisma on screen.

He’s also won hearts with his unwavering love and support for his wife, Kareena Kapoor Khan. Saif, who is endearingly called Saifu by his wifey is the ultimate family man in every way possible.

Here are five instances that showcase why Saif is hailed as the best husband of all time –

1- Saif’s wise counsel extends beyond the silver screen. When Kareena Kapoor was preparing for her upcoming project, Saif advised her not to be a backbencher and to enter the set with a positive attitude. His professional guidance is a way of showing support for Kareena’s career.

Saif Ali Khan -kareena kapoor

2- As we all know Taimur is the most clicked star kid by the paps. Saif and Kareena made a crucial decision to help deal with this situation of extreme limelight when it comes to their son. Saif’s approach was clear –Just let it be, we’ll deal with it.” He chose not to hide Taimur from the world, allowing him to grow up unaffected by the spotlight.

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3- We all know that the Kapoor Khandan loves to feast, but we love a hubby who can cook. And Saifu definitely wins husband of the year as he is often spotted cooking up the most delicious and authentic meals for his family.

Nawab saif ali khan - kareena kapoor khan

4- Whether planning vacations or winning arguments, Saif knows sometimes it’s best to let the wife lead. According to Kareena, he leaves all the vacation planning to her and even lets her have the last word in any disagreements.

Kareena Kapoor Anniversary

5- Saif Ali Khan isn’t just a pillar of support for Kareena’s professional dreams, he also shares equal responsibilities in parenting their adorable son, Taimur. He tries to be present at home and adjust his work meetings to spend quality time with their child, ensuring that one of them is always there for Taimur. She credited Saif for “being so cosmopolitan, so open, and actually sharing and taking the load off me“.

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